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Limited Time Only:
All Star Assault event!

Welcome to our brand new in-game event, ALL STAR ASSAULT! Are you ready for some friendly competition between heroes? Players can choose between 2 teams - TEAM ANKA and TEAM GRACE, and battle it out to earn points. High scorers will reap handsome rewards, including unlocking Anka or Grace for FREE! It's up to the community to decide which hero comes out on top! 

Event Details:

  • Between 5pm PST 2/18 - 2/28, all players will be able to join the event by selecting a team.

  • After team selection, all matches won will add points to both their team meter and the player’s individual meter.




  • Reaching 10,000 points on the individual meter will unlock the hero of the team the player is on (either Anka or Grace).

  • Players on the team with the highest points at the end of the event will be rewarded with a legendary chest.



How to Earn Points:

  • Select a team: 500 points

  • Daily login: 500 points each day

  • Win a match in any game mode: 100 points per match

  • All points earned will count towards both the player’s individual meter and the team meter

Event Timeline:


Q1. What if I already have my team’s hero unlocked, and I reach 10,000 points?

A: You will be rewarded with that hero’s power points instead. You may wish to pick the team with a hero that you don’t have yet!

Q2. Can I change teams after I already chose one?

A: You won’t be able to change teams mid-event, so choose carefully!

Q3. What tricks can I use to maximize points for my team?

A: Login everyday, and win matches with other members of your team!

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